Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization

What is SMO?

SMO is a very common buzzword in digital marketing circles today. Social Media Optimization is a process of increasing engagements on your social media profiles including Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, Imgur and many other platforms. With businesses all over the world trying to get customer feedback first hand to understand their requirements, they look towards social media to create a network that allows direct interaction with their customers.

Social media marketing is on the rise and recent statistics show that up to 70% of all businesses use SMO as a channel to advertise their products and services. Following the growing trend, Social Media Marketing continues to evolve to produce ever more efficient advertising options to reach your audience faster and more effectively.

Social Media Optimization Service could provide various benefits to business. Some of them are listed here below:

Increase Brand Presence:

Social media is great place to tell people about your brand. Using social media as an advertising tool, you could inform and educate your audience about your products and services. When your brand is active on social media, customers are able to identify your brand with ease improving your brand recognition.

Cost-Effective advertising:

Social media advertising is incredibly cost-effective when compared to traditional forms of advertising. As an added advantage, you choose how to make your ad-spends more effective. With a highly intrinsic targeting and delivery options, social media helps you to sell your products to highly specific audience.

Boosting SEO:

Sharing links from your website on social media platforms greatly enhances your SEO rankings. When people search for your brand of enterprise online, there is a good chance for you to be identified if you have good engaging social media profiles. Back links generated through social media are highly credible to increase your SEO rankings.  

Customized Targeting:

SMO professionals make you of the various targeting tools and methods available on social media platforms to create highly specific campaigns targeting audience to whom your products and services are most relevant.

Challenging Diversity:

While all social sites are comprised under social media, every platform is unique. The challenge that Social Media Marketing Companies face is to produce diverse content that is relevant on each platform. Some people believe in creating a single post and sharing it on all platforms. While this may take much lesser effort, the lack of effort is also noticed by your audience.

If you are sharing the same content across all platforms, you don’t give enough reasons for your audience to follow you across all platforms. SMO experts at InteractiveUX are well aquatinted with all social platforms and possess the expertise to leverage each platform to its maximum extent.

Running Advertisements on Social Media:

Usually Social Media Optimization and Social Media Marketing are confused between each other. While both are connected to social media, the two services are worlds apart. Social Media Optimization as the name implies, is practiced to improve and develop your social media profiles and also to keep them fresh and interactive with your audience.

Social Media Marketing on the other hand, is using social media advertisements to achieve various objectives. These objectives could be increasing brand presence and followers, showcasing products and services, share news and Information, and most importantly to generate leads.

InteractiveUX offers comprehensive Social Media marketing and Optimization services so our customers could be confident that all their social media platforms are managed through an integrated strategy.