Search Engine Marketing Services

Search Engine Marketing Services

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is also known as Pay-per-Click Advertising (PPC). While SEO helps you to achieve better rankings on organic results, SEM helps you to advertise your products and services on the search engine. In common terms, SEM is running advertisement campaigns on search engines.

Advantages of SEM / PPC:

With SEM, you could choose to display your advertisements to a specified target audience of your choice. The campaigns could be set, where your advertisement would be displayed as a trigger action to a set of keywords relevant to your products and services. Some of the advantages of SEM and PPC are:

  • Reach highly specific targeted audience
  • Increased efficiency of ad spends compared to traditional advertising
  • Target your audience through keywords and geographic location
  • Choose a specific demographic to display your ads
  • Easier to track conversions
  • Increased freedom to track and follow potential leads

SEM experts at InteractiveUX possess unrivaled expertise in running SEM/PPC campaign management across all three major search engines including, Google Adwords, Bing advertising, and Yahoo Search Marketing. Search advertisements are majorly divided into 5 different categories. They are:

Text Advertising

Text Ads

Textual ads which inform your audience about your products and services when they are searching for a particular keyword. Creative text ad copies could lure your audience to click, view, and purchase or enquire about your products and services.

banners Advertising

Banner Ads/Display Advertising

InteractiveUX creates compelling visual ads that could be displayed in millions of websites and web applications.


Mobile Advertising

InteractiveUX enables you to take your products and services to your audience on the mobile platform. Your ads could be displayed while potential customers are using mobile apps.


Shopping Ads

This category is particularly for products. When your potential customer searches for a particular product, your ad will be displayed to lead your audience to website’s shopping cart.

Video Adverting

Video Ads

Youtube and other video hosting sites receive millions of visitors every day. You could reach your potential audience through creative videos that could be displayed as ads. You could also use this to increase viewership for your videos.

Landing Page Optimization:

For your search engine advertising campaigns to be successful, the landing page of your website should be optimized. We at InteractiveUX run A/B testing between landing pages that helps us to optimize your page to increase conversions and attract more customers to purchase your product.

Campaign Management:

InteractiveUX’s PPC Management Services are a completely integrated program where we manage all aspects of your campaign to generate relevant leads. From creating ad copies, designing banners, and creating videos to managing your keyword bids and tracking conversions, InteractiveUX intends to be the ideal PPC management company if you are looking for search engine management services.