Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Why it matters?

What your customers say about you online matters a lot to the success or failure of your business. Recent research statistics show customers learn about 80% of information about your business through organic search online and through social media platforms. Only about 20% of your customers form an impression of your business when they physically visit your store or office.

When the online reputation of your company is so important these days, it is imperative that you take your activities to manage online reputation seriously. Online reputation could be created not just for organizations and enterprises. Over the years, InteractiveUX have managed the online reputation of several individuals who are celebrities and politicians as well.

What’s the scope?

Sometimes businesses recognize the importance of reputation management only when they have made a bad impression online. Many times however, individuals and organizations that approach InteractiveUX do not have any online reputation. In most cases, are not aware about its effects at all. We at InteractiveUX follow a three pronged strategy where we perform different activities to

  • Push bad reputation to a lower place in search rankings
  • Build authentic positive online reputation through customer reviews and ratings
  • Manage and curate social conversations to change negativity to positivity through relevant action

What do we offer?

At InteractiveUX, we offer the comprehensive range of Online Reputation Management services. You can trust your company’s brand image and reputation with us and we will manage it with utmost care. This is not to say that you will not be involved. On the contrary, ORM services require a lot of input and inform from your side to help us devise the right strategy that works for you.

InteractiveUX believes in developing unique ORM strategies as per the needs and requirements of each of our clients. No two client requirements are same and so are the strategies. Some of the major services we provide in online reputation management are:


Once we have received inputs from and have conducted our own reputation audit, we device a strategy to take your online reputation forward. ORM experts at InteractiveUX find the best ways to help your brand gain recognition online. This could either be a long term or a short term strategy depending the needs and objectives of your organization.

Tracking and Optimization:

Once we have implemented our strategy, we regularly monitor the activities and also the results from the activities. We ensure that all our efforts are made to effect and your investment in our services do not go to waste. When the activities are not producing expected results, we make optimizations to achieve the results. In other times, we could also initiate optimizations based on positive results to increase the benefits of the activity performed.

Custom Software:

InteractiveUX being a fully owned subsidiary of XCEL Solutions Corp, has the ability to leverage the technical experience of our parent company to the advantage of our clients. Just SEO, and Social Media, Online reputation also requires custom software to management, tracking, and reporting. XCEL Corp is a Global Leader in IT and provides custom ORM software solutions that are highly efficient and cost effective.