Local SEO Services

Local SEO Services

Why do you need Local SEO?

Major search engines including Google, Bing, and Yahoo have started tracking users’ location to provide them with location specific results. For example, if you are in Newark, New Jersey, and searching for a Chinese restaurant, the search engine will crawl through its local listings to show you the best Chinese Restaurants in the city by order of rating and distance from your location.

With Local SEO services, we can help your local business be on top of the search results. Local SEO enables you to get better visibility and increase walk-ins to your business location. Professional local SEO solutions by InteractiveUX could help you to gain advantage over your competitors in the locality with very little expenditure.

How it’s done:

Local SEO experts at InteractiveUX approach local SEO in a totally different method from normal SEO practices. However, some aspects and activities are similar like on-page and off-page optimizations.

Our On-Page Local SEO services include adding map plug-ins to your website while also optimizing description and title tags, and on-page elements to increase visibility and search engine rankings. With these optimizations, we ensure that your website is on par with search engine standards to facilitate better recognition and crawling.

A majority of Local SEO activities are performed off-site. Some of InteractiveUX’s off-page optimization services include:

  • Google Map Local Listings
  • Yahoo and Bing Local Listings
  • Geo targeting with keyword
  • Market research and counter optimizations
  • Link building from local directories and websites
  • Optimizing map listings
  • Choosing relevant listing categories
  • Driving authentic Google reviews and ratings
  • Local directory submissions

InteractiveUX has unmatched experience in providing Local SEO services for numerous clients around the world. With such extensive experience, we understand how local SEO for small businesses is done. We bring more customers to your business than your competition in the same location with custom local SEO tactics. Our optimization efforts ensure that you stay on top of the search results for all the products or services you provide.

We constantly improve our best practices and keep up to date with all the changes in Local SEO. If you are looking to bring increased attention to your business locally, InteractiveUX is your best Local SEO Company.