Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Services

Mail marketing is one of the oldest traditional methods of marketing. Businesses have used mail as a form of marketing communication to inform their customers about their products and services for a long time. With the advent of the internet, E-mail marketing replaced traditional physical mailing. Yet, E-mail marketing services form a major part of the digital marketing strategy of many businesses.

Some of the major advantages for businesses using Email marketing services are:

Compared to traditional mailing, email marketing is incredibly cost effective. With no printing and paper costs, email marketing costs only a fraction of traditional mailing. On an average, for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you could receive up to $40 worth of business.

With email marketing, you can control who is able to see your mail. Instead of placing advertisements in news papers and television where you have no control of who is able to see your ads, with email marketing, you can choose who to send your emails to with specific targeting.

With email marketing, you can easily influence your audience to remember you when they are in need of the services you offer. When your customers see your mail on their inbox, they recognize your brand name. This will ensure that they come to you for services when they are in need.

Unlike traditional marketing practices, you can easily track the users who have received your mail. Email marketing provides analytics to understand your customers’ behavior. You can understand how far your customers have taken your sales funnel and when they had dropped out. These insights allow you to make necessary optimizations to make your email marketing campaigns in the future.

This is a very important aspect of email marketing. When your customers are convinced by the email you have sent them, they could share it with their friends. You can easily expand your reach without paying anything extra. This also increases the trust value of your mail as it is being forwarded by reliable source, increasing the conversion rate of your campaign.

InteractiveUX is one of the most experienced email marketing agencies. With InteractiveUX, you could avail comprehensive email marketing services that include:

We implement creative strategies to create a relevant and effective email data base for your business.

Expert graphic designers at InteractiveUX could design compelling email templates to attract your customers. We also ensure that the design is interactive and user friendly.

We conduct extensive research to find the best time to circulate your emails with your customers. With the right scheduling, your email marketing strategy could reach great efficiency.

We provide effective email tracking and optimization services to take full advantage of your email marketing campaigns.

With email service providers increasing the strangle hold on email marketing, it is very important for you to choose the right email marketing agency. Many e-mail service providers like yahoo, hotmail, and Gmail have categorized marketing mails under the spam and promotions section. To get your audience to react to your mail, you should be able to reach their inbox by using the right e-mail marketing best practices.

We at InteractiveUX set international business best-practices for E-mail marketing which enables our clients to engage with their customers better. InteractiveUX suggests email marketing to be a big part of your digital marketing strategy. Touch base with us at anytime to know how InteractiveUX could help you in running email marketing campaigns.