Custom Layout Design

Custom Layout Design

Importance of design in websites

User statistics show, that to over 60% of people think the first thing that strikes them about a website is its appearance and design. Things like loading speed, functionality, features, responsiveness also does matter, but the impact a good design could have on a website is irreplaceable. However, a good design is not just that looks good. There are many factors that are associated with a good website layout.

The need for custom layout:

With millions of websites in the world today, users feel that every website follows a theme or a layout which they had already seen before on a different website. This is true because most of the websites that are made quickly today use a template that already exists and make minor changes to it. This causes design to be redundant.

One of the reasons why businesses choose to use an existing layout is because it saves them the trouble of fixing unexpected bugs. Web layouts created by graphic designers could be visually stunning but the functionality could go completely haywire. This is why you should hire professional website layout designers like InteractiveUX.

Why InteractiveUX?

Professional custom layout design services by InteractiveUX follows the company’s obsession with great user experience. Using scientific research and internationally approved best practices, InteractiveUX had created some of the best award winning website layout designs.

Your website being the primary infrastructure for your business’ digital front, it is important for you to give it the right treatment and attention to detail. At InteractiveUX, our layout designers draw from their years of experience in developing attractive websites to create custom website layout designs that our customers require.