Do you think Humans and Robots can co-exist in Future?

Humans have continuously been excited with the thought of human-like robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Hollywood movies like ‘I Robot, Wall-E, Terminator, Star Wars, and Next Gen’ and other science phantasms like ‘Interstellar, Tomorrow Land’ have maybe impressed many scientists to begin operating towards this direction. It is true that the evolution of automated machines and the nonstop enhancements to robots, lately, has deepened the dispute on their impact on social configuration and the future of humanity.  

As per prediction, in recent years the advanced AI and robotics have begun replacing humanity in all means. You might have experienced some, as AI is working on elevating our daily lives. Starting from basic needs such as home delivery of food, apparel, consumer goods, entertainment, cab service options, we have made them essential.  Going by, still, technology feels human interference is seen and started working on different levels like introducing Chatbots, delivery drones and other advanced systems that make our lives simpler.

Can human and Robot coexist’ serenely?

This depends upon the quality of the intelligence we offer to the Auto-mechanism. A basic Robo is programmed to perform basic tasks solely, and that won’t be challenging for the human-robot relationship and we do have thy. Well, it is after we give Artificial Intelligence to robots wherever considerations begin to creep into the image. We wish to suppose that AI can co-exist with us, but the fact is also a far darker truth.

While looking at the career base with human-Robots, We already apprehend that automation, through artificial intelligence, is ready to extend productivity whereas reducing human employment opportunities. As AI gains cleverness, extra jobs meant for humans may be at risk for elimination. In a very worst-case of affairs, the sole human employment opportunities in the world dominated by AI would be in tech services, programming, and repair, or in artistic fields that artificial intelligence can’t replicate.

Robots in Future

It is believed that the rise of Robots with AI rivals human smartness. Imagine the human life extinction and the implication of augmented machines in the upcoming future. There comes a possible nightmare such as Robot War, Immortality, Environment destruction, Economy on fire, augmented humans, mass unemployment and vestigial organs. Terrific, isn’t it? 

                   According to me, “Imagine you wake up in the morning, finding yourself enclosed by AI technology, living a life with Robo-friend, Robo co-worker, Robo-car (Driverless), Robo-assistant…Here is the question for you, are you ready to face it?”

I know it is hard to accept. Though breaking the cycle and replacing it with a more creative relationship such as human and machine will take new forms of AI, the system needs a wider understanding to fit with human living. So, now is the time to take control of our future. Only you and I can regulate the long run.

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