New Instagram Features That Helps to Grow Your Business

The previous months Instagram have introduced quite some new features like video chat, Q&A for Instagram Stories, a brand new video channel called IGTV and a brand new explore page. Many are still wondering on how these features can be adopted for their business growth. Here, we briefly explain some of the best possible ways, a business can make use of these features and get benefited from it.

 #1 Instagram Video Call

#2 IGTV for Lengthy Video Content

#3 Instagram Music Stickers For Your Stories

#4 Ask and Answer Questions in Instagram Stories

#5 A New Look For Explore Page


1. Instagram Video Call

Being the topmost social media platform for sharing photos and videos, Instagram also wants to bring peoples close together, regardless of their location. Facebook has announced that they will be adding a video chat function to Instagram at the F8 conference. This cool feature to directly call our followers went live in July 2018. We can make a group video chat with a maximum of 4 persons at the moment. This feature can be a boon to services that require visual contact with the clients to offer assistance. We can let our customers reach the support team through video chat and help them out.


2. IGTV for Lengthy Video Content

Instagram has launched a new platform called the IGTV to change the way we watch and engage with lengthy video content. It is available both via the native Instagram app as well as in the form of a new IGTV app. The most important and unique feature about it is that it supports vertical videos. You don’t need a camera or editing software anymore, just shot, edit and upload your videos to IGTV right from your smartphone itself. At the moment Instagram supports from 10 minutes to 1 hour of video content based on the account type. Business can make use of this to showcase a model view of their products, share your skills through demonstrations, or provide a tour of your brand.


3. Instagram Music Stickers For Your Stories

The new feature to add a soundtrack to your Instagram stories gives more personality to your profile. Now, we can select a tune of our choice from a wide range of music collection to suit the mood of the post. Right now this feature is available for a certain number of countries and will be open to other real soon. Those who run an audio or music store can make use of this feature to gain presence and engage with their followers.


4. Ask and Answer Questions in Instagram Stories

Give a personal touch to your Instagram Stories with Q&A stickers now. Instagram has rolled out a new feature to add poll stickers to your story. Collect answers in the form of votes from your followers for a question you’ve asked. It is almost like a live Q&A session between you and your customer. Followers can tell you exactly how they feel about your brand or what they’re expecting from you. Just give it a try today, you will never regret it later.


5. A New Look For Explore Page

In the recent version of Instagram, you can find new changes to the explore page. They have provided a new layout that lets you discover posts that interest you the most. At the top, you can see “Topic Channel” that shows post tailored to your interest along with general topics like sports, art, and fashion. Also, you can see a list of popular hashtags used across the platform for easy navigation to your favorite posts. Including the right hashtags in your post can increase your chances of getting listed on the explore page and gain more user engagement.