How to Handle Negative Comments & Complaints on Social Media

Social media is public when someone writes good or bad about a particular product or service it might go viral. The whole social media audience will be able to see it, this will change the way your brand is looked at by others too. Also, it is common for people who are about to buy some product or service from you to check with the feedback from others. If you do not handle such negative comments or complaints, it surely will bring down your brand’s reputation among others in the social media. Every business has to manage and respond to feedbacks on their social media.

Understand the Problem

When you receive a negative feedback or comment on your social media page or other third party websites, read it carefully first. Try to understand the root cause of the problem or issue faced by the customer, before addressing it.

Document it

Make sure you make a screenshot or document the negative comment in some way. This comes in handy when the poster deletes or modifies the comment. It might serve as a proof when the issue is escalated into a more serious matter.

Don’t Delete

Deleting a comment or complaint posted by a user without replying to him can sometimes become brutal to a business. Do not delete any of the comments, it will create a negative impact on your brand and cause your followers to lose integrity.

Don’t Delay

Any comments that are posted publicly on social media reach a huge audience more swiftly. So you need to quickly respond to your reviews and comments to avoid a crisis. Taking longer than usual to respond can damage your business or company’s reputation.

Keep Your Cool

The tone and nature of your replies and comments on social media, determine the user engagement for your site or product. Craft your post in a pleasant, positive, playful and helpful tone which creates a positive impression on other followers that you are really trying to help the customer.


Once you have crafted the response message make sure it addresses the issue posted by the customer in a clear manner. It is not recommended you offend the commenter or disclose every detail in public. Try saying something like “You can email us or contact our support for more help and assistance” in reply.


Congrats! You have successfully handled your first Negative Comment or Review. Now, that’s not it, you need to keep an eye on your reputation on social media. Stay alert on any new comments or reviews and address them immediately to build trust in your company or business among your followers.