5 Essentials of Digital Marketing

Marketing products and services using digital technologies like the Internet, mobile phones, display advertising and any other form of digital medium is called Digital Marketing. It has widely changed the way that brands and businesses use technology for marketing. Since people prefer to use digital services instead of visiting a shop physically in today’s era, digital marketing is becoming more efficient.

However, it can be complicated as involves assigning priorities, revisions, countless approvals which include tracking, measuring and reporting the results of campaigns. These 5 essentials of digital marketing can come in handy.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the very first essential for any business which involves online or offline marketing. You need to identify your business goals and target audiences. Always plan an editorial calendar, assign tasks to the content team, write contents, proofread and review it. Make sure you choose high-quality images for your contents to make them more attractive. Post or schedule your content posts in social media. You can also share your content over other forums and external sites for more audience reach. Respond to comments on your posts to keep your visitors engaged and build trust factor for your brand.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the most traditional way which is still in existence. It is the act of sending a commercial message to a group of people using their email address. Plan your campaign, design a layout and then write an email copy. After crafting an email template, create a workflow in your marketing automation tool. Test and tweak your emails before sending it to actual users and then schedule your emails. Analyze the results of the campaign including the successful delivery rate, open rate, and click-through rates to improve future emails.

Social Media Marketing

The use of social media platforms has increased drastically ever since the fame of smartphones. Using social media platforms and websites to reach target audiences for your business or product is known as social media marketing. It is considered the most essential of digital marketing as it involves the high user engagement overall form of marketing. Source your internal post contents on a regular basis in all social media. Monitor your feeds, and post text contents, photos, and video updates to keep your followers engaged.

Press Releases (PR)

A press release or media release is a written or recorded communication directed at the members of the media. Its sole purpose is to announce something which needs immediate attention that is newsworthy. They are usually emailed or faxed to the appropriate media to be published in their newspaper, magazine, television or other media networks. Initially, spend time finding the media that can deliver your content to the right target audiences. You can also get reporters or public influencers, who find your product interesting to review it.

Search Engine Marketing

The form of internet marketing which involves promoting a website to increase its visibility in the search results page is known as Search Engine Marketing. It is primarily done through paid advertising and content optimization. Before running a paid campaign, you have to decide the target audience of your PPC campaign and its budget. Then look for optimal keywords that you can target and write a content copy involving those keywords. Create a proper landing page for the advert and make sure to receive feedback from your team members before going live. Create multiple variants of ads and split test them for weeks to gain insights and improve your website ranking in the search results.