8 Common SEO Mistakes That You Must Avoid

Search engine optimization (SEO) has evolved a lot in the past few years. However, optimizing a website or blog is essential for content marketing strategy as it is what that brings visitors to your company and drives them towards your sales funnel.

The search engine algorithms are updated to fit for the change in user perspectives. Many struggles to keep up their pace with these optimization techniques and lose massive user traffic and conversions to their websites. But by avoiding these eight common SEO mistakes is the easiest way to bring desired results to match your efforts and meet your objectives. Let’s review those common SEO mistakes below.

#1 Page Speed & Response Time

According to Google, your site’s speed must not take more than 3 seconds to load the initial contents. Google also considers the page speed for ranking you on search results. If your page is sluggish, it affects your ranking and productivity of your website too. To avoid losing potential customers, you have to fix this problem immediately. Google Page Speed Insights tool can help you to test the site’s loading speed. The tool offers test results for both mobile and desktop versions of your site. It also provides you with useful and helpful tips to improve your site’s speed.

#2 Unattractive Landing Page Design

Another most common SEO mistake for higher website bounce rate is a cluttered or inappropriate landing page. This king of land pages do not cover the idea clearly to the user and can ruin your business. Therefore create a well-designed website landing page that conveys your users or visitors a clear indication of what this website is all about.

#3 Irrelevant Content and Images

Creating an engaging content plays a vital role in user retention and conversion. If the contents of your website are not found to be compelling enough, the user will most probably skip to another site. So you must create more engaging content which is informative and creative, one that makes the audience want to read the entire post. While writing engaging content is more important, it is also essential for you to focus on producing content that benefits your audience. Above all Images are what makes an article more appealing to a reader. You must use relevant images in your posts. Moreover, content with images gets more views than text-only content and will help you to reduce bounce rate.

#4 Lack of Keyword Research & Keyword Stuffing

Smart keyword research is one of the essential elements of SEO. It is important to find high-quality keywords that can get qualified leads for your website. A generic keyword can help you get traffic to your site, but the use of specific and descriptive keyword can get you more qualified traffic. When writing content, you must not make use of a keyword too often at irrelevant positions. If done, it will be considered as keyword stuffing and can lead to a higher bounce rate and poor user experience.

#5 Responsive Website Design

Test your website on different web browsers for compatibility as it might affect user experience. Ensure whether your website works perfectly on every browser platform for enhanced user experience. You also have to optimize your site for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Google considers your site’s mobile-friendliness also as a ranking factor.

#6 Unclear Call-to-Actions

In your website you can either give away a free service, an ebook or a free product if the call-to-action is not clear in your landing page, you will lose a potential customer. The user might leave the site immediately if there is no call-to-action to be found because it’s sole purpose is to guide visitors to take immediate action. Also, having too many call-to-action buttons on your site’s landing page will drive away potential customers. So make sure to keep your Call-to-action clear and concise.

#7 Social Media Presence

Social media rule the today’s world, having no social media presence can be deceiving for a business. Make sure to create a brand profile for your company or business on major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. They increase your chances of visibility in search engine. You also need to keep your social media account with engaging with posts.

#8 Broken Links

Broken links are pages that do not continue to exist in the same URL location on a website. These links can be harmful to your site’s ranking and will have a negative impact on the users. So finding and fixing any such broken links in your website is more important and will reduce your website bounce rate too. Just replace those links with a redirection to the right post making use of 301 redirects. It helps in preserving your site’s ranking and ensures that you don’t lose traffic.