WordPress Features and Benefits – The #1 CMS Platform

WordPress is the most popular and free to use Content Management System (CMS). Almost a quarter of websites on the internet make use of WordPress. Due to its high versatility and ease of use, many websites including e-commerce sites and corporate websites also make use of it. Here are some of its features and benefits that make it the #1 CMS platform available on the internet.

Ease of Use

Anyone without coding knowledge can develop a new website from scratch using WordPress. The user interface is simple and elegant which allows you to add new pages, create new blog posts, add media files and manage your content all in one place with much ease.

Choice of Themes

You can change or alter the design of your website however you want quickly using WordPress theme library. There are thousands of free and paid theme collections from which you can pick a theme of your choice.

Search Engine Friendly Website

Websites developed using WordPress have a clean code structure and search engine friendly. Every page and post is well structured and organized making it easy to update. Also, the pages are optimized well based on the meta description and keyword tags made indexing simple.

Extend Functionality

You can add any number of functionalities to your website without any effort using various plugins available. It allows you to extend the functionality of your WordPress site without any need to code. There are over 10,000 plugins available that can help you add all kinds of functionality to your sites like SEO, Photo Sliders, and much more.

Responsive Websites

The use of mobile devices has increased tremendously in recent times. Most users access the websites on their smartphones while on the go rather than sticking to a desktop for surfing the internet. So, the site must load quickly and also have to look good on the smaller screen devices. There are many WordPress themes available that are mobile responsive. They can adapt to any display size easily.