Why should You hire a Graphic Design Agency?

Outsourcing work is a controversial subject especially in the light if recent political events. However, there are many reasons for organizations to outsource projects or processes to companies so that they could concentrate on their core competencies. Graphic design is one of the most frequently outsourced services especially in the United States. In the digital era, there is an ever growing need for graphics and imagery to communicate your message. From small businesses to large corporations, all of them hire professional graphic designers or outsource their graphic design requirements to other agencies and freelancers to convey their intended content to their customers and target audience.

Now, there creeps an interesting question on freelancers. There are freelancers for every service on earth. Graphic Design is one field of service that has a disproportionally large number of freelancers compared to other fields of services. There are many advantages of working with freelancers and several disadvantages as well. But if you are outsourcing your graphic design work, then should you give it to an agency or a freelancer?  While we are not here to make a comparison between freelance graphic designers, and graphic design agencies, we are here to give you reasons why you should hire a graphic design agency for your organization.

While there are endless reasons for hiring a graphic design agency, here we have compiled 5 of the most important advantages of hiring a graphic design agency.

1. Professional Quality:

Professional quality is something that is achieved only by the top professionals. In a graphic design agency, when their primary focus is on providing top quality graphic design services, there will be no compromise on quality. If you hire a in house designer, then their exposure to current market trends is limited. In a graphic design agency, these professional graphic designers have a wide area of exposure to different and unique concepts which would produce out of the box results in their design projects. They are also well-versed with the internationally allowed best practices and contemporary design trends. So, when they are working on your projects, you can be assured that they don’t look outdated, which is highly important to maintain your brand image.

2. Flexibility:

If you have been associated with marketing, you would never know when you need a new design for a presentation, or a sales pitch, or any other reason. Your in-house team would be able to handle only a specific number of projects and piling up extra projects without specific deadlines could result in a sharp decline in quality. This defeats the purpose of your marketing personnel or team. With a graphic design agency, many are more than equipped to handle surprise projects because of the wealth of resources they have. Similarly, if you are hiring a graphic designer for specific projects, then you would have to pay them even when you are not weighed down with work. With a graphic design agency, you can increase and reduce the workload you are providing them at any time. This gives you the freedom of scalability and flexibility.

3. Saves Time:

Saving time is the primary and most important reason for hiring a designing agency. Like we mentioned in the introduction, outsourcing any project to the professionals helps you to focus on much more important things that you specialize in. Even if you are quite skilled at graphic design, an agency has many designers, who could handle specific areas of a project and get it completed in a much quicker time. Outsourcing graphic design in a way saves time by keeping you stress free. When you have entrusted your design project to a professional agency, then you don’t have to worry about its completion or its quality. It actually saves time from being anxious about your design projects.

4. Saves Money:

Yes even when you are spending on your graphic design agency, when compared to hiring an in-house team of graphic designers. There’s a lot more costs associated with hiring an in-house team which is simply not taken into consideration when you are hiring a design agency. When you outsource your projects, you are paying only for the work you get. Whereas with an in-house team, you are not only paying for their salaries but also providing them with office infrastructure and other employee benefits which amount to a lot more compared to what you would pay an agency for all you projects in a single month. Moreover you get to pick and choose your options and pay only for those which suits your purpose aptly.

InteractiveUX has some of the top professional graphic designers in our payroll. With our focus on providing only highly quality design that accentuates user experience, you can be sure that you will get exactly what you require. You can choose to work with us for individual projects or we can be your support design team depending on your requirements. With professionals from all over the world working with InteractiveUX, our graphic design services are truly world-class.

For more information on InteractiveUX and the graphic design services that we provide, visit our website or give us a call right now.

Jit Goel ( President/CEO ) / Obed Joshua ( Content Marketing /Digital Marketing Specialist )