7 Ways in Which Digital Marketing is Better than Traditional Marketing

The debate of whether Digital Marketing has replaced traditional marketing has been raging on for quite some time now. There are also other specific debates within this on if digital advertising has taken over traditional advertising. While we just cannot deny the fact that digital marketing is fast replacing and in many ways taking over traditional marketing, there are some who believe both are required and are there to serve different purposes and target specific niche of audience. While answering one question and addressing the debate would settle the issue, we would like to point out in particular on what advantages Digital Marketing has over Traditional Marketing.

Before we go into explaining the different pointers, we must first establish few undeniable facts which have been happening in the past decade and more. Since 2010, the investments by major brands in traditional marketing methods have reduced by a whopping 165%. During the same period, ad spends in digital marketing has increased by 14%. While the numbers seem very distinct and apart, one could draw the conclusion that efficiency of digital marketing compared to traditional marketing is matchless.

Having established this fact, here are 7 ways in which digital marketing is better than traditional marketing.

1. Better Brand Positioning:

Many times in this debate, like we have done in the previous paragraph, people depend on numbers to prove the efficiency and compare digital marketing with traditional marketing. However, there are places and factors where the advantage of digital marketing could be measured in numbers. This is the reason why we begin this list with brand positioning. Establishing a new brand in the market is much easier digitally compared to traditional methods because traditional methods are under restrictions of space and location. In the digital world, you can become a thought leader through blogs and information on your website, but traditional methods don’t give you such freedoms.

2. Better Exposure and Engagement:

Traditional advertising is limited by space and location one more ways than one. Even a huge banners and hoardings couldn’t ensure that the entire population of an area was influenced by the ad. With digital advertising however, you can be sure on how many people it reached and if it had covered the intended section of audience. In traditional methods, you don’t give your audience a lot of ways to connect and engage with you. In the digital world, it is quite the contrary. The success of your digital campaign is often measured by how well the audiences have engaged with the advt.

3. What You Audience are Looking For:

When your audiences are purchasing a newspaper, they are buying it for the news and not the advertisement. People listen to the radio for music and not your advertisements. Your customers watch television for the movies or shows and not the commercials in-between. Many times, people don’t like something that’s being forced on them. In digital advertising, force feeding is avoided except in few instances like pop-ups and ads which cannot be skipped on YouTube. This way the people who actually view your ads are the ones who are interested in the content you are sharing. This is more effective and there is a higher chance of them to connect with you.

4. Size doesn’t matter:

In traditional marketing, the scale of your marketing campaign depends on the size of the business. If you are not a big business, you will not be able to take the more expensive services and hence not reach the intended number of audience. With digital marketing, you can specifically reach and connect with the exact number of audience you are looking for. This in fact creates an advantage for smaller businesses as they could compete with the businesses on an equal platform.

5. Measurable:

One of the biggest advantages of digital marketing is that you get precise measurements on the effectiveness and success of your advertising campaigns. You can also measure how your customers are interacting with you as well. This gives you unique and actionable insights that will help you in optimizing and fine tuning for digital marketing campaigns to get better results in the future. This is one advantage in online marketing, which traditional marketing simply doesn’t have an answer for.

6. Faster, Real-Time results:

In traditional marketing methods, the results and effectiveness of the campaign can be measured only after the results from a numbers of different sources are complied. In digital marketing, you can see how your campaign is performing instantly. Even if something goes wrong, you can make changes in real-time whereas you have no such option in the traditional method. There are many statistics which could be extracted immediately in a digital marketing campaign including number of visitors, best time for interaction, conversion rate, and bounce rate.

7. Cost Effective:

This is one point that we think that needs to explanation. Digital marketing campaigns are incredibly cost effective. Compared to television and radio ad spends, a fraction of your budget in the right hands could work miracles for you in the digital world. The challenge is in choosing the right digital agency to work with your brand.

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Jit Goel ( President/CEO ) / Obed Joshua ( Content Marketing /Digital Marketing Specialist )