What is the Need for Photo Retouching Services?

In recent times the fashion industry here in the United States and around the world has been in debate about using Photoshop (retouching services) on pictures. Those who are against retouching claim that these pictures that appear in commercials, and magazines, mislead the common public in many ways. Some say it could cause depression in young adults as they could that they’d never be flawless as the those in the pictures. So, what is the need for photo retouching services?

In a previous blog, we spoke about the advantages of using photo retouching. Some of the advantages include professional look, consistent quality, cost effectiveness, and time efficiency among others. But when people are condemning the practice, how do we weigh the pros and cons and answer the question we have set out for ourselves here?

One way to understand is to get the perspective of the people who perform these processes. Commonly retouching professionals are given the least credit, but without retouching, the image would never look as good as it should to sell. Lack of credit could be one reason why we find so many distortions in the photographs we see today. Let us accept, retouchers actually do a mundane job and constantly take inputs from several ends, so is this a reason why photo retouching is flak? Let us not come to that conclusion just yet.

Before we decide on what’s going wrong in the process, we should always get a better idea of it. One of the major reasons why Photo Retouching exists today is because photography is so unpredictable. When you are a photographer, you usually have a concept in mind. You choose a location, the right model and couture, and then the weather plays spoil sport, or the sun is just too on that particular day. But as professional photographers, you would require uniformity in your work atleast to a relatable extent. This is one of the reasons that makes Retouching so very important in the industry.

Now to talk about what is going wrong with retouching, has there been a steady decline in quality of retouching services? It is just a story that we have seen a million times. Too many inputs make things go awry. People believe that retouching professionals are like the software these professionals use – a tool that does what it has been told to do.

But this is what makes it even more difficult for these professionals. There are creative artists in their own right and should be given a certain degree of professional and creative freedom. This is what many clients/photographers don’t understand. Even in cases where the retouching specialist asks the client to rethink their idea of retouching or even suggest that it may make it look bad, they just don’t accept. Clients take total ownership of the image and they almost always want it that way even if it looks horrible to the retoucher.

Now, we have actually put up 4 different factors that influence photo retouching services. But these don’t give you a convincing argument for or against it. If you feel so, you should also look around to understand that photo retouching is here to stay and there’s no way around it. We can probably find ways to make the profession more attractive as a career and develop fresh talent, but there you need it. That is why even today with so much backlash against the process, people just don’t accept images that aren’t retouched.

One reason that makes retouching indispensible is aesthetics and technology. There are many things even in the most beautiful of people’s faces that even they themselves would be horrified when looked up close. It might be eye gunk, eye veins, ingrown hairs, peach fuzz and what not. These might not be visible when you are sitting across from the person but in a magazine’s cover, it would look disgusting.

Whatever be the reason you may not like retouching, there is simply no way around it. Retouching is real life magic, it creates some of most aesthetically pleasing images people create. If you think make-up is necessary to fashion, then retouching is more than necessary to photography. You may accept this or deny it. You are free to let your thoughts known on the comments section below.

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Jit Goel ( President/CEO ) / Obed Joshua ( Content Marketing /Digital Marketing Specialist )