Is Custom Web Design Dead?

Professionals here at InteractiveUX from our experience with a great number of prospective and retainer clients. Our web design services are one of the popular services that we offer. Sometimes when working with a new brand or a startup, we suggest them taking a custom designed website that is both unique and offers great functionality. But since they are new brands and don’t understand how people interact with web pages, they go by what they have heard. One of the most common questions these specific types of clients ask is “Isn’t custom web design dead?” Aren’t all websites made from templates?

 Before we answer the question, we would like to make something absolutely clear. While researching and brainstorming about answering this question, we found two different polarized answers on the internet. What we found was not really surprising. People who offered custom web design supported it and people who sold templates and made websites from it spoke against it.

We at InteractiveUX, are not biased because we understand the different time frames and requirements each of our clients have. We are not here to answer if custom web design is better than templates, but to answer if custom web design is dead? We offer both custom web design services and websites made from templates. We offer customizations for templates that will help position your brand in a unique and delightful way.

You can read about why you should use custom website design from this blog!

Now, to answering the question, we have to address few points.

The myth about Facebook Business Pages:

Does every brand require a Facebook business page? Yes. Can a Facebook business page replace a website? No. Why? Because Facebook is a website and it is not owned by you. Sooner or later, Facebook is going to charge you to interact with your audience; the exact same audience that you have built around your brand. So you need a website to have complete control over how your audience interacts with you. You need a business page to engage with your audience and grow your business. You are going to pay for it. If you understand the dynamics of digital marketing, you will know how making people buy products from your website is better than making people buy off of Facebook.

Who Creates Templates?

Templates are created by people who perform custom website design. Yes the same designers create templates, because that’s how the economics of website development works. You just don’t have a single best way for creating all websites. Furthermore, whatever technology that is used by these template designers is the same technology used by custom website designers. Yes this is what makes custom web design and development advantageous at certain times.

What are those certain times? These are times when you are on a tight schedule on creating a big website. You can either risk choosing a template and customize it to find out that there some mandatory functionalities you just can’t get, or design a custom website from the scratch to work as per your requirements.

The Answer: Web Design is changing

 Yes, that is the answer. Web design is not dead, it is just undergoing a revolutionary change for the better. Custom Website design is here to stay and creators are going to keep finding ways to find the perfect mix of aesthetics and technology. The digital world is also changing with new demands creeping up. E-Commerce has quite literally changed what websites are used for. Now developers and designers need to find new ways to make people’s experience of using websites better. For doing so, you can’t keep making copies of the same. This is why custom Website design is a need to make websites better.

Jit Goel ( President/CEO ) / Obed Joshua ( Content Marketing /Digital Marketing Specialist )