What are the Biggest Challenges in Search Engine Optimization?

Over a decade ago, SEO meant building links for your website. What building links did was this: the more number of links you have to your website, the higher it was ranked on the Search Engine Results Page. But this tactic was abused and search engines changed their polices to prioritize a website where people would find relevant content instead of site which has the most number of back-links. This was a big challenge to many SEO professionals during that time. Today too, there are many challenges that SEO professionals and the process of SEO faces.

In the digital world, staying up to date with the trends and updating your best practices would help you to perform better and stay ahead of competition. Without updating yourself, you services can easily become obsolete. That is one of the major drawbacks with SEO professionals with experience. They tend to believe that SEO practices that were vogue 3 years ago could be banned practices today. If you are not keeping your eyes open, many years of hard earned SEO rankings would go to waste.

This is the importance of understanding challenges that surround SEO. To survive and thrive in this fast changing world, you should first understand the challenges and find ways to overcome them.

1. Quality of Content:

Ever since Google has moved away from just keyword based algorithm, many semantics are picked up by the search engine to provide the users with relevant and helpful content. This is why content and its quality has gained primary importance in SEO. Not just having content with the right keyword density matters, it is also important that your content is error free and engaging for the users. If you are looking for great SEO growth in the future, you should keep track and improve the quality of content.

2. Local Listings Matter!

Local SEO and listings bring unbelievable amount of traffic to businesses. Statistics claim that over 50% of users who do a local search visit a store within a single day. As more and more businesses are adopting a mobile first digital marketing strategy, local SEO takes higher priority. If you are a small business dependent on walk ins to your store, then Local SEO is completely inevitable. If you are not convinced about small businesses and local SEO, you should read our previous blog on the subject here.

3. ORM is getting tougher:

This is not because of any update in Google’s algorithm, but the general trend where a single negative comment becomes viral. Before you notice it, your reputation is in tatters and there are hundreds of negative reviews about your business all over the internet. This is a common phenomenon in the internet today as hate gets more traction. This is could hurt even big brands and make them lose several thousands of dollars in businesses value within a short period of time. One of the ways to avoid it is by keeping track of your online reputation. Adding good reviews and getting back links to good reviews would do a world of good in terms of damage control.

4. Dwindling traffic from popular mediums:

For over 10 years, whether by black-hat or white-hat SEO, link building helped people to make a lot of money. These profits have generally gone to the service providers and not so much to the clients that they serve. Repeated updates by Google have had a special focus on reducing the traffic from black-hat sources. But these updates have also had an impact on the more commonly used white hat methods to improve bulk link building. One such example is Press Releases. While good press releases used get good traction and also helps to put out different links. Traffic from these link building methods have reduced drastically. In the future, SEO professionals should find new methods and ways to increase the effectiveness of link building.

5. Impact of Social Media:

Many SEO professionals may be crying out right now saying Social Link Sharing has limited impact on your SEO rankings. But something more important than rankings could be achieved from social media – the authenticity of your brand and your website. If you have genuine social shares on various different platforms, then Google is most likely to think of your website as genuine. This not just brings valuable and relevant traffic on your website, you have more chances of becoming a much more trusted brand online. If you haven’t integrated your SEO strategy with your social media, the time to do so is now!

SEO as a process is becoming increasingly complicated and highly technical. Only the professionals with the right experience and adherence to the best practices could help your website rank higher for a long period of time on Search Engines.

If you are a new brand with a new website or a brand that is looking to break through SEO which has not been working for your, contact InteractiveUX today!