5 Best Practices of Top Mobile App Developers around the World

By the end of the next year 2018, statistics predict that there would be over 5 billion mobile phone users. From looking at current trends, most of those users would be using smart phones. While there are millions of different smart phones available, there is one thing that all smart phones have in common and that is applications.

Applications power smart phones and applications are the reason why smart phones are so popular. Since the times smart phones were introduced, applications have made human life so much easier and have added unimaginable mobility to our everyday lives. So, going by the trends, more mobiles phones mean more mobile applications. More applications mean more application developers.

Application development has become the most sought after position in recent times and has immense potential growth. Statistics also show an inverse side to mobile applications as the success rate of mobile applications is less than 1%. If you are looking for ways to make your application successful, you can read our blog about it here.

Over the years, mobile developers have tried to increase the success rate by devising and following a set of best practices. These practices may highly differ from person to person and agency to agency. But here, we have compiled 5 of the most important best practices that need to be followed to make your application not just successful but also provide a great user experience.

1. Put Security First:

Security should always be the first and most important factor while developing a mobile application. All applications involve registering a certain amount of sensitive information either from the users of the owner/developer of the application. Prioritizing security will help you to understand network components, and communication mechanisms which are needed to keep your data secure.

2. Choosing the right medium:

Developing native applications and getting them approved to be on Apple’s App Store and Google Play could be quite the task. So you may choose to work on web based applications. These are actually mobile first websites that look and feel like a mobile application. These could also be downloaded by mobile users and access it from their home screens. Either way, it depends on the purpose of why you would want to create an app and what you intend to do with it. You can read more about the advantages or disadvantages of native applications here.

3. Focus on a local market and its need:

Your application can go truly global if it has the right features and the need. But, it is important to start first with a smaller and a local market which you can better understand. For example, Uber was created to connect the citizens of San Francisco with local taxi drivers. The idea of the application is what became successful to be used in several countries far and wide. If you could identify a pressing need in your local market and device an application as a solution and that is the best way to conceptualize an application.

4. Application Analytics:

One of the best ways to ensure wide spread app usage and success, is to heed user feedback. And the best way to generate user feedback is though seamless application analytics integration. This will help you understand how your users are interacting with the application. It will also help you to understand which features work the best and which features are not functioning properly. You will also learn about how the users are using app and if it is different or similar to your intended purpose. Crash logs are an important feature in application analytics as it will help you resolve the most important bugs and issues at the earliest.

5. Usability Tests and User Experience:

Usability testing is a must before your product ever launches in the market. Many developers do beta testing with the users and this is not the right way as your users will very easily mark it as a bad application and never return as well.  That is why usability tests are mandatory. Every step of the application should be check and full functionality should be ensured. When it comes to ecommerce applications you should make sure the security works right and your users are able to make payments to complete the sales.

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Jit Goel ( President/CEO ) / Obed Joshua ( Content Marketing /Digital Marketing Specialist )