App Store Optimization – The Lesser Known SEO

What is ASO?

Many people understand that SEO is absolutely necessary to get visitors to their website. Statistics show, that about half the visitors to your website are directed from Search Engines. However, what business decision makers are not aware of is the fact that 62% of users learn about new apps by searching on the App Store and Google Play. This process of getting your application rank higher on the App Store is called ASO(App Store Optimization). In simple words, ASO is SEO for the app store.

How does it work?

If you are not using ASO techniques, then you are certainly missing out on the biggest channel to bring users to your application. There are many factors that influence your App’s ranking on the App store, some of the most important ones are:

Title The name and title you provide for your application is of primary importance. You have pay great attention to creating an interesting title as it is what your app will known as by your audience.

Keywords You should find relevant keywords to you application and include it in the title and description in the App Store. You could do a little bit of research about which keywords would better relate to your app and which ones are most searched by your target audience using Keyword research tools.

Download Count The number of times your application has been downloaded has a great influence on your App Store rankings however, you do not have control over this entirely.

Ratings & Reviews This also has considerable influence on your application’s rankings. You can incentivize your audience to review and rate your app using your application’s interface. This again cannot be completely controlled by you and only influence you to a certain extent.

Just like SEO, you should also perform certain other On-page and Off-Page ASO activities. Here, the on page activities include the optimizations you perform the App Store page including things like title, description, App icon, Type App, Screenshots, Demo video, and Categorizing. Off-page activity includes, driving reviews, ratings, and user comments, increasing the number of downloads through Social media and other channels, and link building.

Why do you Need ASO?

One of the basic necessities for getting your ASO right is to have a comprehensive ASO strategy. Similar to SEO, ASO is also organic optimization and needs a complete strategy and a specific period of time to implement successfully. The average time period from experience of different digital marketing professionals for ASO is 6 to 8 months. The optimizations you perform during this period will show results after six months. Hence, it is important that you choose the right ASO expert to help your application rank higher in App Store.

Other than helping your application to rank higher in the App store and increasing downloads, ASO also has other advantages. Here are some of them

1. Stand out from the competition

There are millions of applications entering the App Store every single day and only a very small fraction of them ever catch the eyes of the user. With proper ASO, you and ensure that your application is easily recognized by the users and have an added edge over the competitors.

2. Adds Credibility

When users search for a particular application, or a related keyword, they usually choose the first few apps that appear on their search results. This is because they trust the apps ranked higher to be better and more credible.

3. Increases Retention

You application is not successful just based on the number of users as it also depends on how many people retain your application in their mobile and make regular use of it. With ASO you will know exactly what your audience require and make relevant updates and changes in your application. This will keep your audience engaged with your app increasing retention.

4. Affordable

ASO is incredibly affordable and in fact it is actually free. If you have all the information and knowledge about ASO tactics and best practices, you can very well perform ASO for your application on your own. Compared to app download advertisements, ASO is simply much more affordable and provides you with great returns on the longer run.


While ASO may be easy and free, business owners today just do not have the time to undertake ASO activity on their own. Sometimes, you can also make mistakes on your ASO. For example, while choosing keywords, you may choose a high ranking one expecting it to boost your app, however, high ranking keywords face still competition and your app will drowned in the crowd. So, we suggest you take the services of a professional ASO expert or an agency that provides ASO services.

At InteractiveUX, we use a blend of Next Generation AI powered technology and our own expertise to provide world class ASO services. Our services are incredibly cost effective and provide a greater ROI. If you are looking to rank your application higher in the App Store, get in touch with InteractiveUX today!

Jit Goel ( President/CEO ) / Obed Joshua ( Content Marketing /Digital Marketing Specialist )