Why do you Need Social Media Optimization?

SMO or social media optimization is a raging service in the digital marketing industry. There are hardly any businesses around without a social media presence. However, a large percentage of businesses that have a social media presence do not utilize it to its maximum extent. Social media could give you a great brand image and also offers an opportunity to connect with your customers better.

Businesses should understand that social media is much more than Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin as you can socially influence your audience even through blogs, forums, and any other digital platform where your audience could connect and interact with you. Many businesses make posts inconsistently across different platforms just to generate back links. This actually lowers your brand image as customers could easily identify your intentions and would choose to un-follow you.

Social media optimization done right could bring numerous benefits to your business. It should be structured and consistent across all platforms. You should also make sure that all your profiles have relevant content and are also active to respond to your customers’ messages and other interaction. You can hire a professional SMO or Professional SMO services from a digital marketing agency to make the most of your social media profiles.

Here are few major reasons why you should use SMO to increase your business.

1. Recognizable digital presence:

A large number of customers today search for the business they are interested in on social media to learn about the quality of services they offer their customers. If you are active on social media, you could convert these people into your potential customers. A good social media presence will introduce more people to your business and improves brand recognition.

2. Increases the reach:

Social media allows you to reach out to more people online. It also gives you the advantage of making your niche audience to be interested in you. Social media offers different platforms and media to communicate your ideas effectively to your audience. Videos, Photos, infographics, blogs, articles and many more aspects could be used to increase your reach in the digital world.

3. Thought Leadership:

If you are providing highly specific solutions, services, or products, social media is great place to offer your thought leadership in your field of expertise. For example, if you are a person who specializes in car windshields, you can post information about how windshields are made, how they should be cared for, how to improve longevity, the different brands available for different cars, new technologies and much more. This will make people come to your profile for exclusive information which you could use to drive traffic to your website or convert them into your customers.

4. Advertising:

Not just from search engines and PPC, almost all social media platforms allow you to advertise your content to your audience on their platform. Statistics show it is much easier to reach your audience and make them to interact with you using advertising on Facebook compared to search engine marketing. You can use social media advertising to achieve a wide range of objectives from lead generation, increasing clicks to your website, showcase your products and services, increase your brand value, and much more.

5. Great for SEO:

Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, crawl through your social media content to prepare rankings. So if you want your website to be ranked higher in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), you need have to a consistent and active social media presence. Latest updates in Google’s algorithm have given more importance for websites linked with highly active social media profiles increasing the importance of social media optimization.


SMO could be easy but there are many aspects of social media that is best left to the expertise of a professional. When you hire a professional SMO, you can ensure that you are catering to the right audience and the content you share is in line with your business objectives. While hiring a SMO could cost you money, this is small compared to the new business you could gain from having an engaging social media profile.  

InteractiveUX is one of the leading service providers for social media optimizations. We offer varied packages that are suited for your demands and also the size and budget for your organization. We create highly customized strategies that are specific for your business and work towards achieving your business goals. From increasing brand presence, managing your reputation, and driving more customers to your business, InteractiveUX could be your comprehensive social media partner.

Jit Goel ( President/CEO ) / Obed Joshua ( Content Marketing /Digital Marketing Specialist )

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