Why does your Online Reputation Matter?

What is Online Reputation?

Every person or a business present online is open for user reviews, comments, conversations, and ratings. User profiles generate a large number of visitors if you are a prominent personality. Similarly, businesses also have various online assets including websites, social media pages, Google and Bing My Business Page and many more. What people say about these profiles reflects a lot of about who you are and how good your business is.

Online reputation has a great impact on your audience if you are a personality and your potential customers if you are a business. Here are some statistics to show how your online reputation could have an effect on your business or profile.

Important Stats:

90% of all customers online who have purchased a product claim to have been influenced by an online review or rating. A whopping 65% of people using the internet find online reviews and ratings to be trusted. 79% of customers believe online reputation of a business is as important as personal references. In the future markets should take their online presence as their primary focus to generate new business. More than half of top executives in Fortune 500 companies believe online reputation should be part of the core strategy for your business’ marketing and branding.

If you are still not convinced with the importance of Online Reputation Management, here are few pointers to help you understand how your Online Reputation could positively impact your business.

Removes Negative Listing:

Negative reviews about your business could be accumulated through many sources. When you have hired professional ORM specialists, they ensure that negative reviews are removed if irrelevant and the ones which cannot be removed be pushed down few spots. This will help when your customers are searching for you, they will get a positive outlook about you and your business.

An Attractive Brand Image:

Businesses spend millions of dollars to create a Brand Image only to be dissected by bad reviews online. This is where little attention towards online reputation management could help you preserve the image your advertising has created. Understanding customer sentiments and feedback online could help you establish an attractive brand image.

A Positive Buzz:

Many businesses become viral and famous online through a means that they have never expected. It is called digital word of mouth or Digital Buzz. This is created when content and information about you or your business is shared voluntarily by thousands of users online. Such viral events can also go haywire if there is a bit of bad reputation attached with it. Digital Reputation management experts could manage your buzz and ensure that your audience always gets a positive perspective of your business.

Better SEO Rankings:

Many digital experts claim, Google’s SERP first page is the most important business card you could ever possess. Bad online reputation could push your business down from the first page as Google always ensures that their audiences get exactly what they are searching for. It is also more important as recent statistics show 45% of people have changed their attitude towards a business after learning about them in Google.

Cost Effectiveness:

Online reputation management requires the expertise of professionals and expensive online tools and software. However, when your reputation is damaged, it is going to cost you a lot more money. There have been instances where businesses have been forced to close down due to bad reputation. Hence, a little investment in ORM could even help you to save your business.

At InteractiveUX, our online reputation experts have handled various businesses at different stages of crisis. From business trying to create an online reputation to others who were struggling to manage bad reviews and preserve their brand image. InteractiveUX also offers ORM service depending on the size and scale of an organization. While keeping the costs affordable, InteractiveUX also does not compromise on the quality of services that are provided.

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