5 Reasons why Small Business must use Local SEO

When you are looking at looking at digital marketing services, many of you may be aware of Search Engine Optimization. So, when somebody tells you about Local SEO, you tend to believe that is one of the activities in SEO. However, there is so much more to Local SEO compared to traditional SEO practices.

Local SEO is quite different from traditional SEO practices. Local SEO includes improving your results on Google’s local listings, Bing’s Places for business, and other business directories like Yelp, Superpages, FourSquare, and Yellow Book. Local SEO is highly effective as millions of internet users search for businesses near them through local search. Unlike traditional marketing methods like print pamphlets, brochures, or expensive ads on local newspapers, which are hardly noticed by your customers, Local SEO works when your customers are in need of your products or services.

There are many instances which prove the importance of local SEO. According to Google, 46% of all searches in the world’s most used search engine is for local businesses. Another important statistic that provides even deeper insight into the importance of local SEO is that almost 78% of searches for local businesses online result in an offline sale. It means Local SEO can increase walk-ins to your business.

If you are still not convinced to use Local SEO services for your business, here are 5 major reasons why you should:

1.Precise Targeting and Timely Delivery:

Unlike SEO where your website has to compete with every other website for the same keyword in the World Wide Web, Local SEO caters to only a specific location near your business. Many customers who search for products or services do not have a specific business name in mind. These are the people who you can convert to your customers by using local SEO. This is because you are made available to your customers when they are near you and looking for your products or services.

2. The Increase in Mobile Internet Usage:

Since 2015, Mobile internet traffic has been at over 51% where desktop internet usage is only at 42%. Consumers prefer using mobile internet on the go rather than the desktop. With Local SEO, your customers can find you from their desktop as a well as from the mobile. Local SEO also brings tourists and people new to your location to your business first. Suppose you run a Italian Restaurant at Atlantic City, New Jersey. When a tourist for a visitor from a different city visits Atlantic City and is searching for Italian Food, your restaurant will become his choice if your local SEO is strong.

3. Highest Conversion rates in Digital Marketing:

Compared to digital and other forms of local advertising, Local SEO is several times more effective and generates a higher number of leads. For people familiar with the results in Google, it might not be a surprise to know that results from the local directories like YB, Superpages, Yelp, City Search dominate the first page. A well recognized statistics provider claims that 1 in 2 people who search and find your business through Local SEO will become your customers. In other words, that is a 50% conversion rate which is great even for highly specific and expensive PPC campaigns.

4. Get the best online testimonials:

Testimonials and reviews about your business is more convincing to your customers that any creative marketing pitch or advertising you may do. These are people who have interacted with your business and provided a review. Google local listings are one of the best places to find out about a business online. Setting up a Google My Business page is quite easy while it gives you great visibility in return. Not just for Local SEO, Google My Business Page also boosts your website’s rankings.

5. Highly Cost Effective:

In Local SEO, most of your expenditure would be to pay the professional who sets up your accounts. This would be a good investment as a professional who knows Local SEO best practices knows to take advantage of all features and implement the best for your business. Added to this is the fact that Google’s My Business Page is completely free. This gives small businesses and added advantage as it gives them an easier yet affordable platform to compete with large enterprises for the same products and services.

Small business who don’t have the budget or the brand value to compete with large enterprises online could focus on the customers who they need most using Local SEO. It gives small business the visibility and the new leads which help them thrive and generate a profit.

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Obed Joshua ( Content Marketing /Digital Marketing specialist )

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