About InteractiveUX

About InteractiveUX

Defining the Right User Experience:

In a world that has become increasingly obsessed with the user experience of digital products, InteractiveUX was founded by Jit Goel to establish international standards in user experience. The success and failure of any digital product is usually established by what the users experience with they use a particular product. At InteractiveUX, we have worked with numerous clients from across the planet to create custom products and solutions have offered outstanding user experience.

Exploring new roads in Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing practices have quickly making traditional marketing and more importantly advertising obsolete.  Recent statistics claim that by 2020, 70% of all ad spends would be invested in digital marketing. In this rapidly growing industry, these services are becoming easily available and affordable. But this easy availability has resulted in dilution and inconsistency in the quality of the services provided.

Our Founder Mr. Jit Goel, who is obsessed with providing only the highest quality of services to our clients has accumulated the best talent around to carry out digital marketing activities for our clients. With uniquely talented personnel from around the world, we at InteractiveUX devise “out of the box” digital marketing strategies that are need for successful campaigns.

Greater ROI:

Working with clients from around the world has helped InteractiveUX to follow transparent business practices and affordable pricing. We work individually with each of our clients to understand their needs and creating a pricing scale based on that. We only initiate services that are absolutely necessary for each particular client which helps to keep the costing always affordable.

We always believe in providing a greater return on investment that is relevant and viable for all our clients.

Just some of InteractiveUX's Achievements...